Deaf/Hard of Hearing Technology Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center

Image of N-CHATT trainer and trainees

The Network of Consumer Hearing Assistive Technology Trainers (N-CHATT) partnership between AIR, Gallaudet University, and the Hearing Loss Association of America provided training to people affected by hearing loss to empower others in their communities to find, evaluate, use, and advocate for hearing assistive technology.

N-CHATT training featured webinars and online modules, followed by an in-person two-day training session with practice presentations on hearing assistive technology topics, hands-on technology exploration, and opportunities for interactive learning. Upon successful completion of the training, individuals attended the HLAA Convention and committed to conducting at least three community training events within one year of starting of the N-CHATT program.Image of N-CHATT Training Guide cover

The new N-CHATT Train-the-Trainers Guide provides a framework of the N-CHATT program—including its guiding principles and key components—for organizations serving people with disabilities to adapt and implement the model to help increase autonomy through the use of assistive technology. The guide features a comprehensive suite of resources, including:

  • Program-readiness checklist
  • Program recruitment flyer and promotion materials
  • Volunteer application questions
  • Sample rubric for scoring applications
  • Self-assessment for trainers to identify their comfort levels and abilities to conduct training
  • Year-long schedule and outlines of online module content