Systems and Analytics Support to Digital Transformation for Food Systems Data Sharing and Visualization

A key component of Kenya’s Agriculture Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy is to leverage digital technologies in agriculture to increase small-scale farmer incomes, improve year-round food availability, and boost household food resilience for the most vulnerable. To this end, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the National Drought Management Authority are working to digitize their seasonal assessment resources, which are used to track elements of food stocks, production, trade, and consumption, among others.

AIR is improving and strengthening the use and function of WFP’s existing seasonal assessment resources by creating custom user-friendly dashboards and data warehousing solutions. The proof of concept and corresponding report will determine next steps toward building a sustainable approach for WFP to capture, manage, and improve the value of the seasonal assessment resources over time for the AIR Food Security Steering Group member organizations.

Image of Thomas de Hoop
Managing Economist and Program Area Lead, Agriculture, Food Security, and Nutrition