Qualified Health Plan Enrollee Experience Survey System

AIR operates a national survey system to assess consumers’ experiences with the qualified health plans (QHPs) that are sold on the Health Insurance Exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Survey areas of focus are enrollees’ access to health care, the health plans they are using, experience with their personal doctor, health care from specialists, their health status, the type of customer service they receive, their level of health literacy, and the cost of care received. 

Our researchers use the data to populate quality-improvement reports sent to QHP issuers and the states. AIR:

  • Oversees the survey vendors that administer the surveys on behalf of the QHP issuers; 
  • Conducts data analyses and score calculation for reporting; 
  • Works with a Technical Expert Panel of stakeholders to guide the work; 
  • Convenes focus groups and conducts cognitive testing to refine the survey instrument; and 
  • Conducts select statistical analyses focused on policy issues.