Google Public Data Explorer

People are interested in a wide variety of data and statistics, but this information is only piece of google public data chartuseful if it's easy to access, understand and communicate. To make large datasets easy to explore and visualize, Google is working with different data providers including AIR, the World Bank, IMF, and U.S. Census Bureau to make statistical data available on Google Public Data Explorer.

AIR collaborated with Google to publish a visualization of educational attainment data on the percentage of 25-to 29-year-olds in the U.S. who attained selected levels of education over three decades. Users can examine and animate these data by gender, race/ethnicity, and specified level of educational attainment.

AIR Researchers Angie KewalRamani and Amber Noel next plan to contribute state, district, and school-level data that will allow users to visualize different trends in public school education over a 20-year period, with characteristics such as student-teacher ratios and high school dropout rates.

Explore the educational attainment data visualizations below. 

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