Florida Community Partnership Schools Initiative Evaluation

Funded by the Florida state Legislature, the Community Partnership Schools (CPS) model aims to provide students and their families with access to a wide variety of learning opportunities and health and wellness supports. The model achieves this through a defined set of four key partnerships among the school district, a lead non-profit agency, a health care provider, and a university. Leveraging the principles established by the larger community school movement, the Community Partnership Schools model seeks to promote student growth and development by removing barriers to learning and providing access to new, integrated learning opportunities that aim to support whole child development.

AIR's Work

In partnership with the Center for Community Schools at the University of Central Florida, AIR is evaluating implementation of the CPS model and how it affects students.  

As part of this evaluation, AIR is focusing on the following priorities:

  • Defining key performance metrics that will help the center and Community Partnership Schools learn about what constitutes effective implementation and understand how well schools are meeting goals for target implementation areas;
  • Examining the effect of the CPS model on student outcomes, including academic achievement, attendance, behavior, and health and well-being for participating students; and
  • Monitoring implementation of the CPS model and examining how the CPS certification process and technical assistance provided by the Center for Community Schools support high-quality implementation.