Jim Lindsay

Principal Researcher

Jim Lindsay is a principal researcher with AIR. As a leader with the Regional Educational Laboratory Midwest, Dr. Lindsay designed and led large-scale studies on the implementation and impact of educational interventions, including Ramp-Up to Readiness (a college readiness intervention) and the Content Literacy Continuum (an adolescent literacy intervention). Dr. Lindsay also designed and led studies on teacher supply and demand in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Dr. Lindsay’s evidence review work encompasses a variety of topics, including: the effects of book distribution programs, the effects of increased learning time programs, and the effects of arts integration interventions. He presently leads other evidence reviews of literacy programs and career development and counseling programs. Dr. Lindsay is a certified reviewer for the What Works Clearinghouse (version 4.1), and between 2013 and 2018, he led the WWC’s teacher training, evaluation, and compensation topic area. He currently oversees peer reviews of all WWC intervention reports.

Dr. Lindsay has authored more than 30 peer reviewed articles and reports on psychology and education-related topics, including literacy, school improvement, homework, and teacher supply and demand.

Ph.D., Social Psychology, University of Missouri-Columbia; M.A., Social Psychology, University of Missouri–Columbia; B.S., Psychology, Loyola University Chicago