Abdullah Ferdous

Principal Researcher/Psychometrician

Abdullah Ferdous is a principal researcher/psychometrician in the International Development program at AIR. His primary responsibilities include managing and implementing technical assistance projects related to assessment, evaluation, and capacity building. He supports Ministries of Educations with designing and implementing national literacy and numeracy assessments and strengthening their systems through capacity-building activities.

Dr. Ferdous also serves on the Global Reading Network Steering Group and the Policy Linking Working Group. He has extensive experience in the fields of educational research, assessment, and evaluation with expertise in psychometrics and statistical analysis.

Previously, Dr. Ferdous collaborated on developing and implementing policy linking for reporting on global education indicators, including co-leading pilot workshops in Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Abdullah Ferdous

Ph.D., Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Education, University of Nebraska