Implementing Competency-Based Education Strategies: From Research to Practice

This Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest webinar showcases how competency-based education (CBE) strategies can positively impact student learning outcomes and how to create structures within a school or classroom to effectively implement CBE strategies.

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Kristina Zeiser, a senior researcher at AIR, presented an overview and key findings from a study that examined the relationship between CBE practices and students’ learning skills, behaviors, and dispositions. Participants also heard from a school leader with a high school in Illinois about her experience implementing CBE instructional strategies, including challenges and lessons learned. Finally, representatives from the Minnesota Department of Education discussed how they are supporting state-approved alternative and online learning programs implementing CBE.

Partnership: Midwest Career Readiness Research Alliance


  • Dominque Bradley, PhD, Researcher, REL Midwest
  • Susan Burkhauser, PhD, Researcher, REL Midwest
  • Lisa Balata, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Ridgewood High School
  • Jeff Plaman, Online and Digital Learning Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education
  • Sally Reynolds, Alternative and Extended Learning Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education
  • Kristina Zeiser, PhD, Senior Researcher, AIR
Event Information

May 6, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM ET