AIR Equity Initiative Roundtable Webinar Series

On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, AIR launched the AIR Equity Initiative. Through this five-year initiative, AIR is committing $100M+ toward behavioral and social science research and technical assistance to address the underlying causes of systemic inequity and to increase opportunities for people and society. 

Periodically, AIR holds roundtable discussions that address the issues at the core of our national conversation on equity in the areas of workforce development, education, public safety and policing, and health. View the recordings below and explore our post-event blog posts.

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Building Bridges to Equity: Data-Informed Approaches to Cultivate Peaceful Communities


Public safety is essential to a thriving community—influencing our life opportunities, health, and well-being. Yet communities across the nation are grappling with complex issues as they seek to improve public safety. With policing central to these discussions, the AIR Equity Initiative hosted a two-part roundtable series to explore data-informed efforts to enhance equitable public safety experiences—especially for those affected by the harms of historic racial and social inequities.

Panel 1: Diversity, Dignity, and Data in Public Safety Systems

Part one of this two-part justice roundtable fostered a deeper understanding of the possibilities for cultivating peaceful communities. Panelists representing diverse perspectives discussed the role of data and dignity in the current state of public safety systems and envisioned data-informed public safety approaches that more equitably respond to the needs of every community.


Panel 2: Research, Investment, Strategy, and Responsibility to Community in Policing

Part two of the justice roundtable delved into policing, with the goal of bridging the divide between the socio-historical experiences of communities and public safety goals. The panel explored the roles of partnership, investment, research evidence, and practice in the journey to create equitable, thriving communities for all.


Beyond the Pandemic: Four Perspectives on Helping All Students Thrive


The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for educational equity so that all students receive what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential. The third in our series of roundtable discussions engaged experts in education research and practice, school leadership, policy, and youth advocacy as they shared perspectives on ways to collectively build stronger bridges to equity.


Building Bridges to Equity: Making Diverse Perspectives in Research, Policy, and Technical Assistance the Norm


The second in the series of equity-focused roundtable discussions included a panel of experts who explored approaches to reducing bias and promoting diversity and inclusion within organizations and in the grant- and policy-making processes. The experts and AIR staff discussed how these approaches can enhance research and technical assistance and improve policy. A Q&A followed the moderated discussion.


Bridges Toward Equity: Making Workforce Development Work for All


In the first of a series of roundtable discussions focused on equity, a panel of AIR and community experts shared how they will partner to pursue an agenda to increase economic mobility and prosperity for the many Americans who are currently being left behind. A live Q&A followed the moderated panel discussion.